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Accreditation Office Hours

CACC hosts a monthly NCA Accreditation Office Hours. This meeting is a time for members to ask questions about the accreditation process with our Accreditation Consultant, Karen Meredith. Join us live on the first Tuesday of every month at 11 am. Email for more information. 


 Karen was a prosecutor with the Alameda County District Attorney's Office for over 40 years. Specializing in the prosecution of child sexual and physical abuse, Karen is passionate about aiding communities to achieve best practices in their child abuse response. Amongst other assignments, Karen headed the DA's Office Child Sexual Assault Vertical Prosecution Team and worked onsite at CALICO, Alameda County's child advocacy center, for 8 years. Karen is considered an expert in the workings of child advocacy centers, multidisciplinary teams, and child forensic interviewing. She has also served on the CACC Advisory Committee for over 10 years and is currently a site reviewer for National Children's Alliance. Accordingly, Karen understands how the uniqueness of each community influences the workings of their center and team, including the creation of their protocols and policies.

Previous Meetings:
February 14, 2023

Topics discussed in this meeting:
Community Assessments 
  • Reasons to conduct one 
  • Areas of focus/assessments 
  • Ways to track data
  • Ways to collect community data
  • Making a plan 
  • Sample Strategic Plan: HERE
Powerpoint Here
Run time: 41 mins
January 11, 2023

Topics discussed in this meeting:
  • NCA Accreditation Application Deadlines 
  • Forensic Interviewing Trainings 
  • Reviewing MOU 
  • Standard 1: MDT
  • MDT OMS 
  • Codes of Conduct
  • New Team Member Orientation 
Run time: 52 mins
December 6, 2022 

Topics discussed in this meeting:
  • Affiliate vs Accredited Memberships 
  • NCA Engage 
  • Orientation of new MDT members
  • SART exams and medical training 
  • Documenting training 
  • 75% requirement 
  • Mental health standard 
  • Case tracking 
Run time: 48 mins
November 1, 2022 

Topics discussed in this meeting:
  • Training MDT Partners 
  • Protecting Forensic Interview Recordings & Standing Protection Orders 
  • Optional Standard: Child Abuse Prevention
Run time: 51 mins
October 4, 2022 

Topics discussed in this meeting:
  • Protocol development 
  • MOUs 
  • Physical abuse 
  • Parental rights to be present at CAC 
Run time: 57 mins
September 6, 2022 

Topics discussed in this meeting:
  • Accreditation application attachments 
  • Optional Standards - high level overview
  • Optional Standard: CSEC ​​
  • Training Certificates 

Run time: 54 mins 
August 9, 2022 
Topics discussed in this meeting:
  • Parental participation in therapy
  • Medical exam outcome tracking 
  • Team facilitation training 
  • MDT composition 
  • Case tracking systems 
  • NCA quarterly reports  
  • Criminal background checks
  • Financial policies 
  • Mental health standard: 5 trauma-informed modalities 
  • Child Safety & Protection (Standard 10) 
  • Code of Conduct

Run time: 42 mins 
Please note: there were some technical challenges on August 9th.The video begins abruptly
June 7, 2022 
Topics discussed in this meeting:
  • Cultural competency training
  • Victim advocacy 
  • Standard 6 - Mental Health
  • Standard 7 - Case Review and Coordination 
  • Standard 8 - Case Tracking 
  • Standard 9 - Organizational Capacity 
  • Standard 10 - Child Safety and Protection

Run time: 59 mins 
May 3, 2022 
Topics discussed in this meeting:
  • Demonstrating 75% service 
  • 2023 NCA Accreditation Standards (newest standards)
  • Standard 1 - Multidisciplinary Team 
  • Standard 2 - Diversity, Equity, and Access
  • Standard 3 - Forensic Interview
  • Standard 4 - Victim Support and Advocacy 
  • Standard 5 - Medical Evaluation

Run time: 55 mins 
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