For a child, telling someone that he or she has been abused, especially sexually abused, can be one of the hardest, scariest moments in life.  That is why many children keep the abuse they have suffered a secret; not telling anyone what happened. Some keep the secret until adulthood. Some keep it forever. At CALICO we often hear children say they didn’t know what words to use to tell someone. Knowing this,...


Children’s Advocacy Centers of California (CACC), CALICO’s state program, has been very busy this month! In July CACC held meetings in Martinez, Visalia, and San Bernardino that brought together child abuse professionals from throughout the state. These regional meetings are essential to building a sense of community for those working at children’s advocacy centers. The meetings also provide an opportunity...


Everyone knows the Golden State is known for its unique and laid-back style.  This month you can get the best California styles and help children who have experienced abuse by purchasing clothing or accessories from Never Elsewhere.  Never Elsewhere has generously chosen to recognize National Child Abuse Prevention Month by donating 10% of its April sales to CALICO’s  Children’s Advocacy Centers of Californ...

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