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Dara Chanin

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

Dara Chanin is the Coordinator for Redwood Children’s Center in Sonoma County, which is housed in the Family Justice Center.  Redwood Children’s Center is a county run CAC, led by child protective services agency with support from our District Attorney’s office and law enforcement agencies.  Dara graduated from USC in 1997 with a Master of Social Worker and a specialization in Health.  Dara’s undergraduate degree is in Psychology.  She began her career in Child Welfare as a Social Worker for child protection in Los Angeles County in 1997.  Dara has worked in Adoptions, Family Reunification, Family Maintenance, Permanency Planning and Court Investigations.  She came to Sonoma County in 2010 and worked as a Court Investigator until she became a supervisor of the Child Abuse Hotline in 2014.  Dara completed Forensic Interviewing Training in 2016, and transitioned to Redwood Children’s Center in 2017, where she continues to hold a dual role as a Child Protective Services Supervisor.  Learning about Child Advocacy Centers has given Dara a renewed purpose and she is in awe over how far California has come, and excited about the opportunities for growth.    

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