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An online community for forensic interviewers to come together, ask questions, and get answers.

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An online place with Family Advocates can ask network, ask questions, and get answers.

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Connect with members from CACs and multidisciplinary team members

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  • What kind of handouts do you all give to family and children?
  • Hi everyone, CACC recently put out a poll re: whether you obtain parental consent for interviews. Specifically you were asked about consent to "conduct" the interview and "record" the interview. Our County Counsel is interested to know whether consent is "verbal or written". If you do use written, do you have examples of the consent statement/form? At what point do you as the parent to sig? What if they don't? I will be discussing this with our Steering Committee on 1/17/19. If you have any information you could share, I would be most appreciative. Thanks so much and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  • Thanks Holly for this site. I am looking to find a coordinator/director of a CAC who is also supervising emergency response workers in child protection. Any info would be helpful.